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we are working and testing as much fabrics as possible from various suppliers. Searcing.Testing.Stretching.

Wash and wash again.

Leave them in the sun for some days.

Rub, and now rub harder.

Compare and figure out wich one delivers the best qualities to do

the job. 

Colors and patterns.

A head full of ideas, trying to get them on paper now.

Look at them. Change. Ask for an opinion and disagree.

Leave it for a while. Take a look again and agree anyway.

Adjust. Adjust some more... almost....No. Back to start. And this time...

Better !

Hey.... Looks really nice... pretty... awesome ! Le's make a 3D ! Great. Smile.


Picking out details, maybe the most fun part.

Bounce into a zipper that runs really smoooooooothhh...

Stiches and seams which you will never feel.

Every shirt needs a zipped back pocket !

Let's add 1 cm more to this as the mesh stretches less then expected.

Almost good to go....


...we wanted to create really unique pieces.And we really wanted to work  ecofriendly doing so...

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