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us, women

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Lieke - Booischot, BE

... een leuk merk ! Super kwaliteit en mooie designs. Niet twijfelen !...


Mariël - Haelen, NL

... mooie pasvorm, een fijn stofje en bovenal zit het perfect! Ik heb al spijt dat ik de short niet bijbestelde...


Cecilia - Cartagena, ES

... really happy with the quality and the fabrics. The brand combines cool ideas and good quality and I get a lot of good comments about the outfit...


Ilse - Kampenhout, BE

... ik ben écht blij met de shorts. Het zeemvel is zalig. Tijdens mijn fietsvakantie in Lanzarote merkte ik dat ik er echt uren kan mee fietsen...

About Us

No Compromises. Pure pleasure

Yes !?

It can be goodlooking when I am cycling .

No, I do not want to be a moving advertising for all who want to see.

I do love the feeling of soft and high quality fabrics that give me a real good fit.

Cycling as pleasure, as enjoyment, after-work-rides, with friends on the weekend or on a trip away with my partner.

Lush views, breathtaking horizons, as I gently slide through.

A nice little chat, clear the head, relieve some sorrows...

And at the end of the ride, that well diserved glass.

What more to say ? Count me in !

Exactly these ideas are behind our brand, these ideas we like to offer.

No need to be a race, no need for more competition, less risc, more laughter and nice stories.

A smartphone full of photo's.

Nice rides to look back on with smiles and memories.

Without making any compromise we are now proud to offer you our collection.

Please enjoy !

... be able to create and offer a unique piece. Without creating trash...

to ensure memorable and unique rides for you

... hit the road with the right short. Hello Comfort !


2221 Booischot, België

Tel.: +32 (0) 499 721424

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