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Forget those Tan-Lines! fresh on the saddle, and let the wind slide down your arms.


120 gr / m² ultra-fine fabric made from 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex.

An unworldly warm satin glow.


A marriage parfait in a love triangle:

Japanese printer. Italian pigments. Belgian design.


Robust but very flat seams for your comfort, 3 back pockets, one with a zipper.


At the front we have provided a hidden zipper that you can use perfectly as much as you want, and can be used completely open for spinning!


This one is a GO! so ..... go!

Sleeveless shirt in 8ight flower design, for warm days and spinning!

SKU: 208ightSleevelessFlowers
€59.00 Regular Price
€25.00Sale Price