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Proud, actually really proud is what we are about this jersey.

And to be honest it was real fun to create it also.

Top of the moutain, first of the class, this one offers you a second skin fabric with a lush and stylish hibiscus print.

Elegant raglan shoulders is a soft and very nice fitting mesh that offers a compact feeling.

Sunrays peek through a little, what means 2 important things: wear sunscreen and enjoy slightly tanned shoulders that reduce your "arm line" a little :)

High quality YKK zipper and sublimation prints from the highest quality available.

Fast-drying, made for long rides, very breathable due to the maximum use of mesh.

4 way stretch for that sublime good and comfortable feeling.

A slightly more sporty cut a little shorter at front, for ladies who have a more sporty position on their bike.


A customers comment: " It felt so good that I actually was in the sauna already for about 20 minutes before I noticed, still wearing it" P. Featherline, 34, Edinburgh ( wel... not really, but you know what we mean)

The 8ight shirt, The worst moment is when you need to take it off

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